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What do America's Best Farmers do in December?
FBN Network

Farmers Business Network is made up of America's best farmers, and the best farmers in FBN, go to Farmer2Farmer: American Entrepreneurs!  We are excited to welcome our members to Omaha for a conference that has been described as "where the future of agriculture finds it's voice."

Great farmers are constant learners, innovators, and experts in their craft.  The best farmers learn from other great farmers and shared insights about cutting edge technologies and business practices.  Being an analytics company, we dove into our data set to quantify exactly how much better the farmers who came to Farmer2Farmer last year did in 2015 (2016 yield updates rolling in daily). 

Will attending Farmer2Farmer ensure top yields in 2017? Of course not, but it will put you in the company of some of the best farmers in America so you can maximize your chances of a stellar season. 


Get Your Ticket to Farmer2Farmer: American Entrepreneurs



So just how did Farmer2Farmer 2015 attendees do last year?


Farmer2Farmer attendees achieved, according to our data, about 10 bu/A more than farmers who didn't attend. F2F attendees were right on the cusp of 200 bu/A, which is just about 30 bu/A above the national average in 2015. We also looked at the yield of soybean attendees versus non-attendees in 2015. 


The spread isn't quite as wide in soybeans, but soybean farmers who attended topped 5 bu/A more than farmers who did not attend Farmer2Farmer.


Join America's best farmers at:

Farmer2Farmer: American Entrepreneurs 

December 12-14 in Omaha, NE

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