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Using Information to Save on Seed and Chem
FBN Network

Joe Mauch farms sugar beets, corn, and soybeans with his brother about 50 miles south of Fargo, ND.


For Joe, new technology, whether it's equipment, genetic traits, or software, is always about saving money. And for him, winter is the best time to take a hard look at his investments and to stay on top of whether they're giving him a strong return. 

“Technology is a big thing. Everything is different from year to year. It’s so much more management and education in the winter. It's more schooling and learning how to do things, and about what’s actually out there, and figuring out how you can use it to cut costs."

One big thing that Joe did this year was sit down and take a hard look at the trait packages and seed technologies he's been planting.

"In the years past we grew a lot of three trait corn, but we've decided to go back to two traits and even cut costs a little bit by switching to older varieties. There is a lot more information on thse two and three year-old varieties in FBNSM Seed Finder, and we discovered some that were good on our soil types. FBN really helped me decide whether we should go to conventional corn or roundup but not go all the way to a double or triple stack variety."

Joe has also been able to use the information in his FBN account to save money on other inputs like chemical, especially when he decided to begin buying through FBN DirectTM.

“Probably more than half our chemical we got through FBN Direct. Dan, our local rep, has been real good. We’re always being careful to compare active ingredient with active ingredient on the chemical side with the generics, and with rates, and that’s one of the reasons that the website is so nice. With Roundup®, for example, you can see PowerMAX® is here and the generic is there and the rate, side-by-side, right in the site.”

Joe is also excited to see how much more information will be available by this time next year, or even just later in the season, as the network grows. 

“The biggest thing is that the more people sign up, the better information everyone gets. There’s people here, but there’s people farther away with different soil types and shorter or longer corn, and there experience can tell you a lot about varieties and stuff. The more people you have in your area, the more information you’ll get." 

Learn more about how you can use FBN Seed Finder and FBN Direct to identify investments and savings for a more profitable 2017.

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