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Update: Same Seeds, Different Prices
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When we announced our Seed Relabeling Study, even we did not anticipate the response. Farmers have now sent us over 2,000 seed tag pictures from corn, soybeans, popcorn, alfalfa, cotton and sunflowers in 2.5 weeks!

The extent and impact of seed relabeling is unfortunately even greater than we originally estimated. We now estimate that over 70% of FBN℠ members plant seeds from brands (over 50 identified to date) that relabel some of their seeds. One variety we found is being sold by at least 9 brands - often in the same region! 

Are Your Seeds Relabeled? 

Each FBN member who submits tags will receive a personal report identifying if their seeds are being sold under different brand names.
Members have found up to $60 per bag difference for the same seed sold in the same region.  
To get your report, become an FBN member today by calling 844-200-3276 and send in photos of your seed bag tags.  

A Tale of 1 Seed, 9 Brands: 

Variety ID: 01043636 
Brand Names: Wensman® W8184VT2/RIB -- is same as -- Dyna-Gro® D34VC52/RIB 
Price/Bag in South Dakota: The Dyna-Gro® version averages $48/bag less than the Wensman® version
This seed is also sold by Producers Hyrbids®, Federal Hybrids®, Croplan®, Renk, Taylor Seed Farms, Frontiersman, Terning, and possibly others.

Poll: Corn Planting Progress

Last Friday, 5.2 million acres of farms responded to our corn planting progress poll. Corn planting is nearing completion in Arkansas, Oklahoma, with the Texas panhandle trailing. The South-Central Midwest is well underway, with Missouri reporting 58% complete.

The I states are just beginning, with solid progress in Central Illinois, but still early in Indiana at 16% and Iowa reporting just 8% complete.

North of Interstate 80 the ground remains cold and has yet to really start, most states registering below 2% complete.  

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