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FBN Select Markets™: Premium Crop Opportunities and Packages
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FBN Select Markets helps farmers get more profit from their crops by creating premium crop contract packages. We value crop attributes like quality, traceability, and seed variety and add value to our contracts with features like advanced payments and input discounts.

“FBN’s Select Markets allowed us to capture $1.70 above Board of Trade and above Basis for our non-GMO soybeans. That’s an extra $85 per acre for me.” *


Mark Gath

- Minnesota Farmer

Introducing FBN Select Markets

FBN Select Markets helps farmers get more profit from their crops creating premium crop contract packages.


How does FBN Select Markets work?

Premium Crop Contracts - The FBN team will create crop contracts with participating farmers that value crop attributes like quality, traceability, and seed variety - rather than just quantity.

New Crop Opportunities - Lock-in future sales and minimize risk by gaining access to forward contracts on premium crops.


Even if you're not growing premium crops today, FBN members using FBN Profit Center will be eligible to hear about forward contract opportunities for crops with unique attributes.

Premium Contract Packages - Sell through FBN Select Markets and qualify for premium contract packages like advanced payments and discounts on inputs.


Use FBN Profit Center

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Call: (844) 200-FARM

Frequently Asked Questions about FBN Crop Marketing

What is FBN Crop Marketing?

FBN Crop Marketing consists of FBN Profit Center, our crop marketing software which allows farmers to compare bids from over 4,000 buyers, and FBN Select Markets, our crop marketing service that contracts crops with value-added features like advanced payments and discounts on inputs.

Why are we offering crop marketing products and services?

The FBN mission is to bring power and profit back to the farmer through better access to information and resources. We've already helped thousands of farmers increase yield and drive down costs with our agronomic software, price transparency service, and direct sales offerings. Now we're helping farmers maximize their returns from crop marketing. Our FBN Profit Center software saves farmers time and effort. And our FBN Select Markets service makes it easier for farmers to maximize profit based on their specific crop attributes.

Is FBN  Crop Marketing a Broker?

No. FBN Crop Marketing, FBN Profit Center, and FBN Select Markets are not broker or advisory services. Through FBN Profit Center, we strictly provide information that enables you to make your own crop marketing decisions and deals. All contracts through FBN Select Markets are between you and us. 

Is FBN Crop Marketing sharing my information with buyers?

No. The data you enter through our services is your Data. We will never sell or provide your Data to another party without your explicit consent.

*This is an example of value captured by an actual FBN customer.  FBN does not guarantee customers will receive the same benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marking. Results will vary. FBN Crop Marketing  is offered by FBN CM LLC and is only available where FBN CM LLC is licensed.

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