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Seed Relabeling Results
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Seed companies routinely label the same seeds under multiple brands with dramatically different prices. 

We believe seed information transparency is your basic right as a farmer, consumer and central to the FBN℠ mission of putting Farmers First.  We hope this analysis helps you find the right inputs at the best prices for your farm.

Don't get hurt by relabeling. We're proud to release the ag industry's first ever report on Seed Relabeling. Download our report to learn more. 


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What are Farmers Saying about Seed Relabeling?

"I typically buy seed from many brands, so I thought I had a good sense of the market. But through the FBN Relabeling Study, I found out I could have saved $20/bag on beans and $25/bag on corn seeds identical to ones I was already planting!"

"I deliberately break up my seed orders to spread genetic risk across brands and maturities. I now see that my Croplan R2C5225S selection is THE EXACT SAME VARIETY I ALSO BOUGHT FROM MYCOGEN (5N523 -- R2)! So much for genetic diversity in my seed selection...This bothers me on so many levels."


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Does Seed Relabeling Affect You?

The same seeds you use could cost less from other brands. FBN members get personalized reports that identify identical varieties to those used on your farm.  

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What's Inside?

Our study found that relabeling is a widespread practice, affecting 95% of farmers and represents a $2.5 billion segment of the seed industry. "Relabeling" is when a seed manufacturer sells an identical seed variety also sold by other brands, often for very different prices.

Which brands relabel the most?  Which decline to publish the actual variety IDs of their seeds?  How much relabeling is really going on? Which companies share seed with eachother?

Relabeling can cost you, but armed with the right information, can benefit you as well.  Many seed companies may be able to offer you top varieties at better prices or with better service. The key is that you be informed when you buy.


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