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Same Seeds, Different Prices in 2018

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When we announced our Seed Relabeling Study last year, even we did not anticipate the response. Farmers have now sent us over 10,000 seed tag pictures from corn, soybeans, popcorn, alfalfa, cotton and sunflowers!

The extent and impact of seed relabeling is unfortunately even greater than we originally estimated. We now estimate that over 70% of FBN℠ members plant seeds from brands (over 50 identified to date) that relabel some of their seeds.

Some members discovered that they accidentally planted the same genetics during the same year. And one variety we found is being sold by at least 9 brands - often in the same region!  



Are Your Seeds Relabeled? 

Each FBN member who submits tags will receive a personal report identifying which brand names their seeds are being sold under. 
FBN members can send in photos of their seed bag tags to data@farmersbusinessnetwork.com or simply upload them to their account in the "My Data" tab.
Members have found up to $60 per bag difference for the same seed sold in the same region.  

A Tale of 1 Seed, 9 Brands: 

Variety ID: 01043636 
Brand Names: Wensman® W8184VT2/RIB -- is same as -- Dyna-Gro® D34VC52/RIB 
Price/Bag in South Dakota: The Dyna-Gro® version averages $48/bag less than the Wensman® version
This seed is also sold by Producers Hyrbids®, Federal Hybrids®, Croplan®, Renk, Taylor Seed Farms, Frontiersman, Terning, and possibly others.

Hear What Farmers Said About This Study:

"I typically buy seed from many brands, so I thought I had a good sense of the market. But through the FBN Relabeling Study, I found out I could have saved $20/bag on beans and $25/bag on corn seeds identical to ones I was already planting! Now I can't imagine buying seeds without checking for relabeled alternatives." 

"I deliberately break up my seed orders to spread genetic risk across brands and maturities. So much for genetic diversity in my seed selection... This bothers me on so many levels. How can farmers be good stewards when seed companies do not clearly disclose when varieties are cross marketed between competitive brands? I expect the various national seed families to have a lot of relabeling, but am very surprised to see competing companies sharing seed stock."

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