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"Also Sold As" - Seed Relabeling Access For Members

FBN Network

The Background

FBN℠ members from across the country told us that they were frustrated with confusing seed genetic labeling. After hearing multiple stories of inadvertent purchases of the same seed genetics from different seed brands, we decided to dig in and kick-off a national research effort.Throughout 2017, FBN℠ members sent in over 7,500 seed bag tags. Then, our team got to work making sense of the data.
Our team created the first ever seed bag tag database and combined it with 10,000+ seed invoices (previously contributed by members) to develop the first ever seed relabeling report in an effort to shed light on the practice of seed relabeling

A Few Of The Findings

  • 95% of FBN members buy from a seed company that relabels
  • 38% of corn and 45% of soybean seeds analyzed were sold by multiple brands
  • 6.3% of farms purchased duplicate genetic labels, many inadvertently. 
In short, seed relabeling can cost farmers, but armed with the right information, can benefit them as well. Many seed companies may be able to offer top performers at better prices or with better service. The key is that farmers be informed when they buy. 

What Farmers Said After They Saw The Results

"I typically buy seed from many brands, so I thought I had a good sense of the market. But through the FBN Relabeling Study, I found out I could have saved $20/bag on beans and $25/bag on corn seeds identical to ones I was already planting! Now I can't imagine buying seeds without checking for relabeled alternatives." 

"I deliberately break up my seed orders to spread genetic risk across brands and maturities. So much for genetic diversity in my seed selection... This bothers me on so many levels. How can farmers be good stewards when seed companies do not clearly disclose when varieties are cross marketed between competitive brands? I expect the various national seed families to have a lot of relabeling, but am very surprised to see competing companies sharing seed stock."


Building It Into A Product To Serve Farmers

Our Data Science and Engineering teams worked to add this powerful new seed tag dataset into FBN Seed Finder. Now all FBN members who contributed to the study can easily identify relabeled varieties!
If you'd like to arm yourself with this crucial information before making your seed purchase decision, simply: Join The FBN Network  --> Contribute Seed Bag Tags --> Access FBN Seed Finder.
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Not already an FBN member? As a member, you get access to an entire suite of products and services. 

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