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Protecting Yields with Extra Dryer Capacity
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Tom raises corn and soybeans in Scott County, IA. He has been developing and using yield maps for the last 15 years.


Tom knew that corn grain moisture was affecting yields during harvest, but he didn’t have a good way to quantify what was going on. The data is pretty clear that yields decrease as the harvest moisture decreases for most hybrids for several reasons, and Tom estimated that he was losing as much as 10-15 bu/A.

“I usually start harvest at about 26% corn moisture, and by the time my harvest is complete, the corn moisture is often close to 15%. I'm constrained early in the harvest by dryer capacity.” To justify additional expenses and a potentially risky change in harvest practices, Tom needed to know how much he could gain by speeding up the harvest process.

“With FBNAnalytics, I have specific data, from my operation and from thousands of local acres, that validates that my highest yields are at the highest moisture, generally greater than 25% moisture.”

Tom was able to justify purchasing additional dryer capacity so that he could maximize the amount of corn he can harvest at high moisture levels early in the season. FBN Analytics allowed Tom to leverage not only the insight from his data, but also information from thousands of other operations, to make and justify the decision to invest in additional dryer capacity.

“The yield data I’ve collected over the last 15 years has been very useful for hybrid selection, and now I can look at local results from other farmers, too.”

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