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NDVI Imagery Included in FBN Membership
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The list of FBN℠ member benefits keeps growing! 

Farmers who join the network will now receive satellite NDVI images of all their fields at no additional cost. Stay in-tune with crop health and get early warning of crop stress with NDVI Imagery. 

Example Field Images


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More Information On NDVI Imagery

What is NDVI?

NDVI is an abbreviation of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. It is an indicator of "vegetation greenness", which can be considered to be a rough approximation of crop health. The higher NDVI in a single image indicates higher vegetation density relative to other areas in that same image. 

The maps are created by intersecting data from Sentinel-2 satellites (produced from ESA remote sensing data) with field boundaries. 


What do the maps show?

These maps show NDVI within each field. The maps are colored so that red indicates lower NDVI, green indicates higher NDVI, and grey indicates parts of the satellite image that are not usable due to cloud cover. If parts of the field show low NDVI, this may be indicative of a problem in the field that may warrant further investigation or scouting.

In order to best visualize variation in each image, the color scales are different in each image, this means that the same color doesn't mean the same thing in each image. When looking at each image, we suggest focusing on the relative NDVI differences within each image rather than the absolute NDVI values. 

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Already an FBN member?

You can find your personalized NDVI imagery by navigating to the "My Reports" section of your account. 

If you don't see your report, we may be missing field boundaries for your operation. Please give us a call at (844)200-FARM or email support@farmersbusinessnetwork.com


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