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Announcing The First National Seed Brand Rankings
FBN Network

We're proud to release our first ranking of the Best Seed Brands for corn available exclusively to FBN℠ members, generated from over 2.1 million acres of real 2016 yields and over 5,000 seed prices. The brands and varieties of seed farmers select can be the keys to their entire season, and this report gives them unprecedented, independent real-world information on the brands that farmers count on.

Creating independent, unbiased, and objective analysis of real world seed performance has been a vital part of the FBN mission from the beginning.  The Best Seed Brands report analyzed more than 40 top seed brands on nine distinct factors -- from yield and price to yield consistency and farmer loyalty -- to determine how each brand stacked up.

And the Winners Are...

Best-Seed-Brand-Report-Corn-2017-v10-1.jpgIn this head-to-head face-off of national and regional seed brands, Wyffels® came out as the undisputed leader, topping the national rankings as the lowest priced brand, having the highest seed efficiency, and the best yields for corn-on-corn rotations. 

Though Wyffels® stole the show in terms of overall performance, other brands captured top spots in unexpected categories. Croplan® topped the nation for nitrogen efficiency and for top yields during low rain years. Mycogen® came first in the nation for yield consistency, and Beck's™ was the nation's number one brand in terms of farmer loyalty (also holding a top three spot in farmer loyalty in Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana). 

See the Full Rankings For:



Yield Consistency


Seed Efficiency

N Efficiency


On Poor Soils

On Low Rain

Here at Farmers Business Network, we're obsessed with bringing farmers new and important information on the products they purchase, the practices they use, and the organizations that they do business with. As our members have submitted millions of acres of data on 2016 seed performance over the past months, we began to notice interesting patterns occurring in the data that we wanted to share with the network, and this report was born. 

We know that farmers are likely to choose to plant several varieties from a single brand, to take advantage of volume order discounts. Though we encourage farmers to utilize the variety-specific information that is available in Seed Finder- we understand that it is often not possible for a farmer to plant each variety that is best suited for their soil-types, because various top varieties are often from many different brands. Given this constraint, this report strives to make brand-level information available to FBNSM members that would otherwise not be available within an FBN account so that members can have more information about the brands to which they commit.

Data contributing FBN members can access the full report in their account, including rankings and raw results for more than 40 seed brands on the national level and for seven individual states on Yields, Price, Seed Efficiency, Nitrogen Efficiency, Yield Consistency, Yields on Corn-on-Corn rotation, Yields on Poor Soils, Yields during Low Rain Years, and Farmer Loyalty (as well as Yields on Irrigated versus Non-Irrigated fields in Nebraska).

Not an FBN member, but interested to see how your favorite brand ranked? 

Click here to learn more about how you can access the full report.  <https://info.farmersbusinessnetwork.com/best-seed-brands-corn-2017>

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Mycogen is a registered trademarks of the Dow Chemical Company. Beck’s is a trademark of Beck’s Hybrids. Croplan is a registered trademark of WinField Solutions, LLC. Wyffels is a registered trademark of Wyffels Hybrids.

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