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Match Your Seeds To Your Soils With Yield Potential
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FBNSM Yield Potential helps you understand the likely yield performance of different seed varieties on your specific fields, and your specific soil types.

Corn Soybean Seed Yield Potential ScreenThe Best Seed Varieties for Each of Your Fields

FBN Yield Potential - How it Works

With FBN Yield Potential you can see the seed varieties that are likely to perform best on each of your specific fields, or examine how the seeds you've selected are likely to perform on each of your fields. Farmer's Business Network is able to provide these estimates by comparing the soil make up of your fields to the yield data we've collected from thousands of farms across millions of acres.

The first step in using FBN Yield Potential is to select the field you want to analyze in the far left-hand navigation of your FBN account.

Farm field navigationOnce you've selected a field to analyze, you'll be able to see the soil composition of that field based on US SSURGO soil maps.

SSURGO soil map compositionFBN Yield Potential displays a list of the seed varieties we expect will deliver the best yield performance on your field. Our yield estimates are based real data from real farmers and cover thousands of seed varieties spread on almost every soil type.

You can explore the varieties that we expect will deliver the best yield, or search for the seed varieties you've already purchased and/or plan to use.

You can even narrow the comparision set with the filter bar near the top of the screen.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 10.31.47 AM.png

Once you've picked a field and seed variety to analyze, FBN Yield Potential will display the estimated yield you can expect if you use that specific seed variety on the field you're viewing (assuming a good weather year).

You can see how the estimated yield compares to the yield you generated on that field in the previous year, and set an expected commodity price to see your expected revenue per acre.


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Use Yield Potential - Sign into FBN

For FBN Members: How to Find FBN Yield Potential

Once you're signed into your FBN account you can navigate to FBN Yield Potential by clicking through the following path:

 Analyze My Operation ---> Yield Potential


Want to learn more about all the ways we can help you increase yield?

Use Yield Potential - Sign into FBN

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