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Justifying the Price of Precision Equipment
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Wayne, Wade, and Danny of Parker Brother’s Farms are farming 7,000 acres of corn, cotton, and soybeans in Missouri. The twin brothers, Wayne and Wade, are still active after 80 years a piece on the farm, while Wayne’s son Danny heads up seed, fertilizer, and record keeping.

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Danny knew he might be leaving yield on the table as a result of his population, seeding rate, and hybrid selection practices. But he didn’t have a good way to quantify that potential yield gain, especially on his relatively old-school operation that hadn’t invested in much data collection.

“We knew there were incremental improvements to be made, but we needed more information on seed performance to find them.”

With benchmarking, variety-soil type matching analytics, and planting populations maps in his FBN account, Danny was able to tweak his population rates and make variety positioning changes based on his soil type.

“Showing my Dad and Uncle our information was great, they love seeing it and using it for guidance. Over the winter, we looked at bean fields that were yielding 90 bu/A on good soil right near fields yielding 30 bu/A. We could easily spend a month just going through the variety information.”

Being able to see and understand all this information, and use it to confidently power his choices, Danny has decided to invest in more precision monitors. He's in the process of buying three new monitors to make sure he has all the data he needs to track what's happening on his farms and fields.

“We are in the process of buying more monitors and equipment to do more mapping this year. We have enough to work with, but we can justify more investment.” He has also noticed some interesting trends with certain brands and unexpected varieties, and he’s excited to keep an eye on them moving forward.


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