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Data to the Farmers - with Matt Meisner
FBN Network

Matt_Meisner_1.jpgHometown: Madison, WI

Education: MIT (Cambridge, MA), UC Davis (Davis, CA)

Agricultural Background: A decade of experience as an agricultural researcher at UW-Madison and UC-Davis.

Off-Farm Interests: Matt likes LEGO®s. Swing by the San Carlos office to see his magnificent John Deere® LEGO® tractor.

Meet Matt Meisner, Head of Data Analytics at Farmer's Business Network, Inc. Matt got his start in agriculture as a high school student working in a pest control lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This got Matt excited about science, so after graduation he was off to MIT to study biology, and then to UC Davis to earn his PhD in population biology with a Masters in applied statistics.

While at UC Davis, Matt joined a research team that was working to digitalize, aggregate, and analyze years of field data on California cotton. The team’s analysis allowed farmers to see how different variables were affecting not just their own operations, but all cotton fields in California over time.

Matt worked closely with many farmers throughout the study and wanted to find a way to make these analytics available to more farmers. After meeting a fellow future-FBN team member at UC Davis, they started reaching out to farmers one by one to collect and analyze data. After a few more serendipitous meetings and a lot of hard work, FBN was born.

Matt is fascinated by the science, passionate about the future of American agriculture, and excited to be part of an organization that gives farmers access to the analytical tools that businesses in other sectors take for granted.

“It’s exciting to come to work everyday and be surrounded by people who are all, without exception, truly passionate about agriculture. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Matt's team is hiring! Check out the open positions!

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