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Tracking Breakeven Price per Bushel with FBN Profit Center™

FBN Network Farm Economics

"Without me doing any math in my head I already know I am 10 cents above my breakeven."

-Corey Nohl, Minnesota Farmer

Crop Marketing Math, Made Easy

For all the complexity around selling crops, whether or not you make a profit on your farm comes down to selling at a price per bushel higher than your cost per bushel. Simple math.

But things get complicated and time consuming when you need to go back to spreadsheets, check your productions costs, change your yield assumptions, and start to incorporate the average price you've received on crop commitments you've already entered.

That's where FBN Profit Center comes in.

Read about all the features of FBN Profit Center

FBN Profit Center is a crop marketing dashboard that you can use from your desktop or the FBN mobile app! It helps you make better marketing decisions by automatically calculating two important breakeven prices:

Your "Starting Breakeven Price" and your "Target Price for Breakeven".

Starting Breakeven Price

Your Starting Breakeven Price is the average price you need to receive per bushel in order to cover your costs, based on your total cost of production for a given crop.

Target Price for Breakeven

Your Target Price for Breakeven changes every time you sell a portion of your crop. It's the average price you need to hit on your remaining bushels in order to cover your costs, accounting for the average price you've received from all the sales you've already made.

How it Works

Here's the great news. FBN Profit Center does all this math for you. It even shows you how much a bid is above or below your target price.

FBN Profit Center is easy to use with a ton of benefits beyond breakeven pricing. Contact us to learn more about how you can start using FBN Profit Center today.


See a Video of FBN Profit Center in Action


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FBN Profit Center is for FBN Members. If you want to learn more about how you can start using FBN Profit Center, or other benefits of being an FBN member, request a demo, or give us a call!

FBN Crop Marketing  is offered by FBN CM LLC and is only available where FBN CM LLC is licensed.

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