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F2F16 Farmer Panels Have Been Released!
FBN Network

Farmer2Farmer is where the future of farming finds its voice. Connect with America's most advanced and productive farmers, data scientists and agronomists that are helping them farm smarter for three days of networking, product training and previews, and interactive panels.

The Startup Farmer - Lessons from the Front F2f16 Panel-Full Farm Name-01.pngBuilding farms and farm businesses from scratch requires thinking differently. How do the most entrepreneurial farmers and ag entrepreneurs see opportunity, manage challenges, and build enterprises that make the most on their farms?  


Managing Family Businesses F2F16 Panel- Full Farm Name-01.png

Farms are family businesses, and that poses unique challenges to farm entrepreneurs. How do the best family businesses build the right cultures and practices for multi-generational success?  


Challenging the Status Quo F2F16 Panel-Full Farm Name-01.png

Innovating means breaking away from the crowd and taking risks while facing no shortage of doubts and difficulties.  Whether it's innovating in water management technology, tillage and fertility practices, advanced precision ag, or social media, these growers have bucked the trends to take their farms to the next level.  


Innovative Business Structures F2F16 Panel- Full Farm Name-01.png

Innovation takes many forms beyond just technical and scientific breakthroughs. Sometimes the most important innovations are novel business structures that leverage information and networks. This panel is all about learning from some of the most creative businesses in the FBN network.


Join these world-class farmers and network with hundreds of other FBN members from across the country at F2F16, December 12-14 in Omaha, NE.

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